14 February 2013

Men and Chocolate

So, since it's St. Valentine's Day, I thought I'd have a semi-themed post:

I'm taking this course at my university called "Men and Masculinities," and one of the big themes is what is considered masculine behavior vs. what is considered feminine behavior, and overcoming stereotypes, etc. Anywhoo, one thing that I was just wondering right now: why is the love of chocolate considered a feminine thing in our society? Is there something unmanly about liking chocolate? Cause if there is, I don't care: I will be the first to raise my hand a say that I love chocolate. Offer me chocolate or any other candy that does not involve chocolate, and I will choose the chocolate nine times out of ten. Whether it's in candy bars, on my ice cream, or a steaming cup of hot cocoa, I love chocolate. I've told people on several occasions, "I love chocolate more than most women that I know." I've even joked about starting a Facebook group with exactly that title. So, if that makes me unmanly, so be it. But I ask again: when and why did we decide that the love of chocolate was a trait that should belong to women?

While you all ponder that, I'm off to get me a Reese's...

-Captain Z

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  1. An interesting question indeed. I myself love chocolate a LOT. In fact you might say I'm addicted. Do I see it as unmanly? No, and even if I did I don't give a care. Being a manly-man isn't a goal of mine.

    But why is it feminine? Well, thoughts that come to my mind (some stereotypes) are...

    Men give women chocolate.
    Woman eat chocolate when depressed.
    Chocolate is smooth and creamy, women are smooth and creamy...I think....