19 March 2013


So I had a couple different ideas for today's post. Then I ran out of time to write them. :/ I wasted time after getting home from work, and now I am about to head out for the evening, so I don't have much to contribute to the blogosphere today.

One thing I will note, my random word when I have nothing to say is "narwhal." Don't ask me why. Perhaps because they are random creatures. For my sister, the word is "box." For a friend of mine, it is "purple monkey schizophrenics." (I think she wins most creative.) For Mary Poppins, the word is "supercalifragilisitcexpialidocious." (Yes, I know how to spell that, no I did not have to look it up. :P )

Anyone else out there have a random word to fill the silence?

In the meantime, enjoy this pointless video - (Rated PG for mild language).


1 comment:

  1. I don't do that myself; I just quietly sit there. But, if I did, it would be "There's a Platypus controlling me."